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What is Utah Patients Coalition?

UPC began with passionate humans who believe all patients should be able to have access to whole plant medicine to improve the quality of their lives. We work tirelessly to protect and defend patient rights and are committed to improving Utah’s medical cannabis program.

Political Action Committee

Starting in 2017 as a political issue committee (PIC), UPC has been gathering signatures so we could see the changes we needed to see concerning medical cannabis.
From advocating, negotiating, and pleading lawmakers to listen, we are proud to say we have made a difference together for Utah Patients!

Utah Patients Subsidy Program

The UPSP is a 100% donation-based non-profit organization made possible by the commitment and generosity of local Utah business leaders including medical professionals, manufacturers, and retail pharmacies.  We have created the USPS to help subsidize cannabis costs for patients who are in need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

how do i find more information about utah's medical cannabis program?

Please visit https://medicalcannabis.utah.gov/ to find out information on how to become a patient, find a qualified medical provider, locate a pharmacy, and other helpful resources.

what is the electronic verification system (evs)? and how do i register?

In order to become a Utah medical cannabis patient, you must first register the Utah Department of Health’s EVS system. All users must create a Utah ID before registering for a medical cannabis card. Visit www.id.utah.gov to create a Utah ID. Here is a link to a helpful video to guide you through the process: https://idhelp.utah.gov/account-creation.html.

 You can find helpful resources on how to access the EVS at https://medicalcannabis.utah.gov/evs-access/

what are the qualifying medical conditions for medical cannabis?

Qualifying conditions under the Utah Medical Cannabis Act are listed below:


  • HIV or acquired immune deficiency syndrome
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • cancer
  • cachexia
  • persistent nausea that is not significantly responsive to traditional treatment, except for nausea related to:
    • pregnancy
    • cannabis-induced cyclical vomiting syndrome
    • cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • epilepsy or debilitating seizures
  • multiple sclerosis or persistent and debilitating muscle spasms
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is being treated and monitored by a licensed health therapist (defined here), and that:
    • has been diagnosed by a healthcare provider by the Veterans Administration and documented in the patient’s record; or
    • has been diagnosed or confirmed by evaluation from a psychiatrist, doctorate psychologist, a doctorate licensed clinical social worker, or a psychiatric APRN
  • autism
  • a terminal illness when the patient’s life expectancy is less than six months
  • a condition resulting in the individual receiving hospice care
  • a rare condition or disease that affects less than 200,000 individuals in the U.S., as defined in federal law, and that is not adequately managed despite treatment attempts using conventional medications (other than opioids or opiates) or physical interventions
    pain lasting longer than two weeks that is not adequately managed, in the qualified medical provider’s opinion, despite treatment attempts using conventional medications other than opioids or opiates or physical interventions
where can i find a medical cannabis pharmacy?

Visit https://medicalcannabis.utah.gov/pharmacies/pharmacy-locations/ to find the most current list of active medical cannabis pharmacies in Utah.

does the utah medical cannabis program accept health insurance?

While medical cannabis is legal in the state of Utah, it is still considered illegal by the federal government. This prevents most medical provider and pharmacies from accepting traditional health insurance which leaves the cost burden on many patients. This is a huge reason why UPC has created a patient subsidy program for those challenged with medical cannabis costs. 

how do i locate a medical provider that can write a medical cannabis recommendation?

The Utah Department of Health has an active list of registered qualified medical providers by county here: https://medicalcannabis.utah.gov/patients/locate-a-provider/. While not all QMPs are listed in this directory, you will be able to find a provider that is conveniently located for you.

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