Utah Patients Coalition

Political Action Committee


Ballot Signatures

We began in 2017 as a political issue committee (PIC) to collect signatures for the ballot initiative that became Proposition 2.  Our campaign exceeded the number of signatures required, sustained by a strong volunteer force helping gather support at public events and homes throughout the state. 


Fighting for a Program that Works!

We needed to see this program be as successful as possible. That included advocating for a program that preserves raw flower, a broad qualifying condition list, a private market, and a viable path toward continual improvements with a seat at the table. 



In light of significant institution’s opposition to Prop 2, it became necessary towards the end of the campaign to negotiate with these parties to preserve a broad program for patients over the long run.
Our organization played a key role in bringing all of Prop 2/s opponents on board to support a functional medical cannabis program. 


Advocating for Patients

We have worked hard and invested significant funds in making this change in our state. We are gratified to see the amazing impact it has had on so many. We are dedicated to supporting patients in their effort to obtain this natural alternative to medicine. We will continue to work hard to contribute to improvements and make the current program even better. 

Desiree Hennessy

Executive Director of UPC

To know her is to love her. Dez would never call herself a hero, but countless Utah cannabis patients sure do.   Years before cannabis became medically legal in Utah, Desiree was out spreading awareness and gathering signatures.  She has been working tirelessly behind the scenes and at the Capital to help Utahns have legal options.