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Let your voice be heard by Utah legislators! Help us to legalize Therapeutic Psilocybin for Utah Patients!


The Therapeutic Psilocybin Pilot Program

This bill will offer safe and effective psilocybin therapy to Utah patients and become a model for other state’s mental health solutions.


Utah has a Mental Health Crisis

Psilocybin has shown potential to heal  depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Utah patients need more options for safe and natural healing.

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Support Medical Psilocybin in Utah

With your support, we will show lawmakers that Utah patients need more options.

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Utah Patients NeedYour Support

Utah Patients Coalition is not only bringing awareness to the increasing mental health crisis in our own homestate; we are attempting to pave a new path towards a more healthy and thriving community.

Through our work with  SB200; a  bill to legalize therapeutic psilocybin, we are optomistic that, through safe plant medicine, Utahns will be able to heal and Utah’s program for therapuetic psilocybin will become a model for patient mental health nationwide.

Support LegalizingPsilocybin in UtahShow Legislators that Utahns Need More Options