Free Digital Graphics for Personal and Education Purposes

Psilocybin Patient Stories Booklet

Full booket of stories from real Utah patienst whose lives were changed by plisocybin. 

Psilocybin Pilot Program

Seven Reasons Medical Psilocybin Will Be Even More Secure Than the Medical Cannabis Program

Medical Psilocybin: A Mental Health Tool

Utah has a mental health crisis and Utah Patients need more options.

Utah Patients Subsidy Trifold

All about Utah Patients Subsidy Program, how to be involved and how to apply

What is UPC All About

A brief history of UPC’s infancy and the impact on Utahns

UPC Impact

Key accomplishments made by UPC for Utah Patients

Utah Patients Subsidy Application

Apply or nominate a patient for the Utah Patients Subsidy Program

Utah Patients Subsidy Flier

Learn how the subsidy program works and how to get on the wait list