Medicinal Psilocybin in Utah

UT H.B. 167

Mental Illness Psychotherapy Drug Task Force

Utah HB 167, which passed the Utah House by a vote of 68 to 1 and the Utah Senate by a vote of 23 to 1 and has been signed by the Governor in March, will create a dedicated task force to research use of psilocybin to treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, addiction and existential distress.


What does HB 167 mean for Utah?

The bill wouldn’t legalize psilocybin which is designated as a Schedule I drug. The Bill  would authorize a task force to weigh the potential benefits with the potential dangers of legalization or decriminalization.

The group would meet and provide recommendations on:

  • specific types and symptoms of mental illness for which the psychotherapy drug could be used as a treatment option;
  • appropriate administration and dosage;
  • any license or credential requirement for individuals administering said drugs;
  • training that could be helpful for administers of the drug;
  • the frequency at which psychotherapy drug may be used;
  • any procedures to obtain, store, and monitor the use of the drugs;
  • safety requirements and procedures for data tracking, and more.

    HB 167 36-29-303. Duties


Psychotherapy Drug Task Force

The task force consists of experts in fields of psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, mental health, trauma focused therapy, and addiction medicine.  It  also includes representatives from Utah Medical Association, a Utah hospital, and patient advocacy groups. 

Supporting Medical Research

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