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In-Kind Donation

As a part of the subsidy initiative, we’re inviting cannabis pharmacies, Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs), and other businesses in our community to contribute in-kind donations.

These contributions are not just charitable donations, but strategic investments that drive mutual benefits. They help us provide a wider range of services to our constituents, while also associating your brand with a highly respected, impactful organization that aligns with your own values.

Benefits include:

Community Impact: Your support will directly aid patients in need and contribute to improving the quality of life within our community. It’s an excellent opportunity to give back and demonstrate your commitment to patient advocacy and healthcare reform.

Brand Visibility: As a contributor to our subsidy program, your business will be acknowledged in our communication materials, events, and on our digital platforms. This can enhance your reputation and visibility within the community, aligning your brand with a cause that matters.

Tax Benefits: As an in-kind donor to UPC, a registered nonprofit organization, your contributions are tax-deductible.

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