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Legal Support

Implementing a broad new program isn’t always smooth sailing. Since passage of Prop 2 and the negotiated agreement, a number of patients have run into legal problems.

Some of them started before Prop 2, when all cannabis use was illegal. Others have originated after then, but where patients didn’t have a full understanding of how to comply with the law.

Utah Patients Coalition is working directly with these patients to provide legal support and counsel, to help them navigate the new law.

We are educating judges and prosecutors, engaging directly in court battles in certain cases, securing legal representation, and connecting patients to resources that can help.

We’re not here simply in name only—we are working in the trenches with patients to make sure they aren’t criminalized. And, in the process, we’re learning what needs to be fixed and improved to avoid similar situations in the future.

If you know of a patient in need of legal support, please reach out to us via our Facebook page.