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What is Utah Patient Subsidy Program?

We are a non-profit organization made possible by the commitment and generosity of local Utah business leaders including medical professionals, manufacturers, and retail pharmacies.  The subsidy program is a cannabis assistance program developed to support the needs of medical cannabis patients.  The subsidy program is a cannabis assistance program developed to support the needs of medical cannabis patients.

Who Qualifies?

Utah Residents

Patients must be a resident of Utah with a valid govt. issued ID. 

Financial Status

Must be able to provide documentation or prove eligibility for financial need.

Qualifying Condition

Must have a qualifying medical condition recognized by the state of Utah or have gone through the Compassionate Use Board.

Medical Card Holder

Must be registered (or intend to register) as a medical cannabis cardholder with the Utah Department of Health

How Can We Help?

UPSP has partnered with qualified medical providers, cannabis pharmacies, growers, processors, advocates to create the donation based program that will assist patients with cannabis costs. 

medical Consultations and Doctor Visits

Meeting with a medical provider is the first step in the Utah Medical Cannabis Program. Unless your medical provider is a QMP,  most insurances will not cover these medical expenses 

Medical Cannabis Products and Devices

By partnering directly with pharmacies we are able to collectively allow patients subsidized cannabis for those who qualify.  

Dept. of Health EVS Registration Fees

The Utah Dept. of Health requires initial payments and renewal fees to obtain and maintain an active medical cannabis card in Utah. 

Cannabis Home Delivery Costs

Patients who are bedridden or unable to travel to a pharmacy may be eligible for waived delivery fees from participating pharmacies.   

Apply for The Utah Patients Subsidy Program 

Apply for subsidized cannabis or nominate someone in need.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much assistance am I eligible for?

This answer varies per patient.  The monthly amount given to patients accepted into the program depends on the medical condition, the pharmacy, the patient financial situation and more. We evaluate each patient’s needs and offer a monthly subsidized amount that refreshes every month. 

How long does my assistance last?

What kind of products or services can I receive?

Do I have to pickup my medicine or can it be delivered?

Who sponsors this program and where does the money come from?

Will my information be kept private?

Absolutely. We do not share any medical, personal, or financial information with anyone without your written permission.